NeoLiberalism and the Counter-Enlightenment

May 27, 2010

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  1. […] as matters have turned out, the rentier interests mounted a Counter-Enlightenment to undermine the reforms that promised to liberate society from special […]

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  3. […] —NeoLiberalism and the Counter-Enlightenment by Michael Hudson [my emphasis] […]

  4. […] up KC, always making me proud) school affiliates’ websites – my favorite is M. Hudson: Neoliberalism and the Counter-Enlightenment and here’s a general blog: UMKC School; Jamie Galbraith’s work (summarized in part […]

  5. […] economic theory.  Thankfully, economist Michael Hudson does a superb job at it in his recent paper.  It is very dense, and some of the jargon escapes me, but his explanation in context of our […]

  6. […] for more of Hudson’s concerns about the abyss towards which we Euro-zoners are headed, and here for an earlier equally trenchant review of what he calls the Counter-Enlightenment …. then pop outside and start planting […]

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The Counter-Enlightenment, its Economic Program and the Classical Alternative Based on a talk given to Prosper Australia on Friday October 16th, 2009. … […]

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