Upcoming Events

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There are three upcoming events I will be presenting at:

  • Sept 11: Modern Money & Public Purpose, Jerome Greene Hall, Room 104, Columbia Law School, 435 West 116th St, New York
  • The event will be streamed live and questions can be asked via twitter.

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  • September 20-23: The American Monetary Institute’s 8th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago.
  • I will give a paper with Steve Keen on the mathematical model of the economy we are making. The essence is to add credit (or subtract net debt service to (from) income to get a measure of demand, to distinguish the FIRE sector (overhead) from the rest of the economy, and to distinguish commodity price inflation from asset-price inflation fueled by commercial bank credit.

    Dave Kelley tells me that he will give a power point presentation on “Michael Hudson for Dummies” or some such title summarizing my new book The Bubble and Beyond, available on Amazon.

  • Sept. 27-29: 11th International Post Keynesian Conference, University of Missouri-Kansas City,
    “Reclaiming the Keynesian Revolution”
  • Topics at this excellent event:

    Global financial crisis: causes, consequences, cures
    Central bank responses to the crisis: issues of democratic accountability, QE and inflation, regulatory reform
    Fiscal policy responses to the crisis: issues of inflation, stimulus, debt sustainability
    Real estate prices and mortgage problems
    New directions in economics in light of the GFC
    Impacts of the GFC on the BRICS and the developing world
    Modern Money Theory, Functional Finance
    Job Guarantee/Employer of Last Resort
    Problems of Euroland ,

    I will be elaborating this new model of credit FIRE at Kansas City at UMKC’s Post-Keynesian Heterodox Economics conference, again with Steve Keen. Its proceedings can be followed on the New Economic Policy blog that Economics Dept. chairwoman Stephanie Kelton set up, which should be viewed as a companion to my blog here.