He Died for our Debt, not our Sins

Cross posted from our friends at Renegade Inc. As many people turn towards their Christian and Jewish faiths this Christmas and Hanukkah in an attempt to make sense of the year that was, at least one economist says we have been reading the bible in an anachronistic way.
 In fact he has written an entire book on the topic. In ‘...And Forgive them their Debts: Credit and Redemption’ (available this spring on Amazon), Professor Michael Hudson makes the argument that far from being about sex, the bible is actually about economics, and debt in particular. 
"The Christianity we know today is not the Christianity of Jesus," says Professor Hudson. Indeed the Judaism that we know today is not the Judaism of Jesus either. 
The economist told Renegade Inc the Lord's Prayer, 'forgive us our sins ...

On Simon Patten

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As one of my most respected intellectuals, this piece by Trey Popp from the Prophet of Prosperity reveals some needed detail on the importance of Simon Patten's thinking. For that reason it is worth re-posting. Simon Patten, who led the Wharton School during the Progressive Era, was a pioneer of the economics of abundance, theorist of the second industrial revolution, and intellectual godfather of the New Deal. His descent into obscurity poses provocative questions about how the field has evolved. One century ago this year, the Wharton School dismissed the most esteemed and innovative theoretical economist who had ever passed through its doors. Simon Patten, who was appointed Wharton’s first professor of economics in 1888 and directed the school during its formative years from 1896 to 1912, was a public intellectual whose ...