The Black & White of Elite Imperialism with Jill Stein

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Fighting Russia & China to Last American: Destroying US From Within Dr. Jill Stein & Michael Hudson 
 NIMA ROSTAMI ALKHORSHID: Today we're going to talk with Dr. Stein, 2024 presidential candidate in the United States and her policy advisor, Professor Michael Hudson. And we're going to talk about Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and domestic policy in the United States. And so let's get started with the conflict in Ukraine. Michael, how do you find the current face of the war in Ukraine? How do you find the policy of the Biden administration? It seems that they want to continue this war in Ukraine. How do you find it so far? MICHAEL HUDSON: Well, despite the pretense that somehow Ukraine can still win, they know that the Ukrainians have already lost. The Russians ...