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The Black & White of Elite Imperialism with Jill Stein

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Fighting Russia & China to Last American: Destroying US From Within Dr. Jill Stein & Michael Hudson 
 NIMA ROSTAMI ALKHORSHID: Today we're going to talk with Dr. Stein, 2024 presidential candidate in the United States and her policy advisor, Professor Michael Hudson. And we're going to talk about Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and domestic policy in the United States. And so let's get started with the conflict in Ukraine. Michael, how do you find the current face of the war in Ukraine? How do you find the policy of the Biden administration? It seems that they want to continue this war in Ukraine. How do you find it so far? MICHAEL HUDSON: Well, despite the pretense that somehow Ukraine can still win, they know that the Ukrainians have already lost. The Russians ...

Owing the US a Living?

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Living within your means is considered a virtue in many cultures, with one notable exception – the United States, whose public debt grows by roughly a trillion dollars every 100 days and is projected to continue doing so for the next few decades. In the past, it helped to sustain the so-called American lifestyle, but the benefits of this seemingly endless ballooning for ordinary citizens are much less apparent now. How much longer can the United States exist on the assumption that the world owes it a living? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri. Image by MeditativeKaleidoscope from Pixabay

Universities as Tentacles of the Police State

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“Have you no sense of decency?” The recent Congressional hearings leading to a bloodbath of university presidents brings back memories from my teen-age years in the 1950s when everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV broadcast of the McCarthy hearings. And the student revolts incited by vicious college presidents trying to stifle academic freedom when it opposes foreign unjust wars awakens memories of the 1960s protests against the Vietnam War and the campus clampdowns confronting police violence. I was the junior member of the “Columbia three” alongside Seymour Melman and my mentor Terence McCarthy (both of whom taught at Columbia’s Seeley Mudd School of Industrial Engineering; my job was mainly to handle publicity and publication). At the end of that decade, students occupied my office and all others at the New School’s ...

Gaza – Civilization will Win over Barbarism

By , Permalink Part 2 Nima April 22, 24 Michael's notes from this important interview. Watch the geo-political markers. 1A. US student and voter opposition to the US-Israeli genocide.  The breaking news here in New York City today are the mass protests at Columbia University, New York University and the New School opposing the genocide in Gaza. The protests have spread to Yale, Harvard and other universities throughout the United States. Columbia locked their gates, closing out students not only from their classes but from their dormitories and cafeterias. They are obliged to stay with friends or sleep outside. Over a hundred were arrested and their hands put in plastic tie-cuffs for many hours.  Students are furious at how the presidents of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia have knuckled under the Congressional accusations that they are permitting ...

Jill Stein: Splitting the Pro-Imperial Vote

By Permalink RADHIKA DESAI: Hello and welcome to the 27th Geopolitical Economy Hour, the show that examines the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of our time. I'm Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And I'm Michael Hudson. RADHIKA DESAI: And working behind the scenes to bring you our show every fortnight are our host, Ben Norton, our videographer, Paul Graham, and our transcriber, Zach Weiser. And today, we not only have a guest, but a very special one. As many of you will know, Jill Stein is running for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket. Ho-hum, you will say. What's so what? She's not going to win. Third-party candidates never do. So what's the point? Well, things never change until they do. They often take longer to change than most imagine, but then, when ...

Gaza: The Strategic Imperative

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​PROF. MICHAEL HUDSON, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF GAZA. - Ania K   ANIA: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Today I have with me for the fourth time, I'm still counting, a very, very special guest, one of the best professors in economics and financial analysts in the world. And I'm very glad we are reconnecting with Professor Hudson again. I want to start this live stream with asking all of you to check all my links down below this live stream, because being on other platforms, especially nowadays, is very important. So you have my locals there, you have mailing lists, and every other link if you choose to support my work as well. Also, Professor Hudson's three links. You have the website (, Patreon (, and all the books ...

Free Speech and Platform Media

By Permalink   RADHIKA DESAI: Hello and welcome to the 26th Geopolitical Economy Hour, the show that examines the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of our times. I'm Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And I'm Michael Hudson. RADHIKA DESAI: And working behind the scenes to bring you our show every fortnight are our host, Ben Norton, our videographer, Paul Graham, and our transcriber, Zach Weisser. In our last two shows, we looked at China's economy and where it was headed, busting major Western myths about it, and highlighting the differences between the Chinese and US economies that explain the dynamism of the former and the productive decline of the latter. We spoke about how China was embarked on engineering the next industrial revolution through a major structural transformation, not only to continue its high growth, but also to ...

Watching the World Divide in Half

By Permalink Hudson Patreon Q&A 2023Q4 - Dec 8 Support Michael's incredible work by becoming a Patreon. He needs it now more than ever (read below) KARL FITZGERALD: All right, well let's get into it. Okay. Welcome everyone to our final Q&A session for 2023. Always good to be with you. My name is Karl Fitzgerald, I am an economist and Michael's webmaster of about 14 years now so always good to have our patreons here. And just so good to be with the prolific Michael Hudson, who has yet another book coming up. I hope everyone's speed reading skills are improving, because they're just coming out one after the other, Michael. MICHAEL HUDSON: "The Temples of Enterprise." It's all of my academic essays on the origins of money in the ancient Near East, the ...

Labour in the Ancient Near East

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A new transcription of an earlier recording. One of the first interviews where Michael talked about the Ancient Near East. KARL FITZGERALD: 3CR, radio that's independent, progressive and making a difference. And welcome to The Renegade Economists with your host, Karl Fitzgerald. This week, we're stepping back in time, way back some 10,000 years BC, into the world of archaeology, Egyptology and Assyriology. Yes, it's time for another special with Professor Michael Hudson. That's right. Michael Hudson back on the show.  He's got a new book called "Labor in the Ancient World". And I asked him to give us a bit of a precis on the background to this very interesting process. Hang on for another riveting conversation here on 3CR's Renegade Economists.  MICHAEL HUDSON: It's a symposium of a group put together ...

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