Left Forum: Austerity Isnt Working

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I am speaking in two panels at the Left Forum - I hope you can join us. Austerity isn't Working, Can Keynesian Reforms Save the System?
 Saturday, 8th of June 10:00am-11:50am Pace University, New York City
 Room: W613 Abstract: Three contributions on the question, Is a Reformist Solution Possible? Hillel Ticktin looks at the conflict between the Keynesians and those who favor a return to 19th Century capitalism; Michael Hudson asks whether Austerity is simply a European mis-step or is the Class War Back in Business, and Robert Brenner analyzes the roots of the crisis looking at Finance and the Real Economy. Suzi Weissman chairs/moderates. Chair, Speakers: Suzi Weissman -- Saint Mary's College of CA and KPFK Los Angeles, Hillel Ticktin -- Editor, Critique Journal, Michael Hudson -- University of Missouri, Kansas City, Robert Brenner ...