Dream House, Nightmare Mortgage: Carry on!

An interview with Australia's Renegade Economists. Karl: Listeners, it’s time to discuss with Professor Michael Hudson, the author of ‘The Bubble and Beyond’, ‘Forgive Them Their Debts’, ‘Super Imperialism’ and so many others. We’re lucky to have Michael with us yet again to continue our series of interviews and, Michael, here we are where, in Australia at least, we’ve made it through COVID, America is still being whacked by it. But our central banks, they’ve really put a lot of pressure on society, it seems like the mainstream economy is struggling, but Wall Street’s powering ahead and sitting behind that, of course, is the real estate market, which is also booming. Yes, society’s economic fragility, it’s been weighed down by high land prices and record high debts, but central banks ...

Deciphering Geo-Political Games

Professor Michael Hudson discusses the globalisation fallout as new trading blocs distance themselves from US dollar denominated trade. Will the US be able to maintain its imperialist tendencies in light of these trends? How much further can the rentiers push their free-for-all? The show finishes with an overview of Michael’s new book ‘And forgive them our debts’. Show notes and subscribe.

The Public Interest & its Planned Obsolescence

Another in the series of interviews on the Renegade Economists radio show, with Tune Nielsen (Positive Money Denmark, Gode Penge ) and host Karl Fitzgerald. QE for the People by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud Part 2 to the Forest Park interview with Prof Michael Hudson and Tune Nielsen on the state of economic reform. This week we delve deeper into the Greek capitulation to the Troika, how to get free of the euro, the state of US democracy and other aspects to economic warfare. The underlying theme of course is how the planned obsolescence of the public interest is orchestrated. Planned Obsolescence of the Public Interest by Renegade Economists on Mixcloud

Think Tank Memories

Think Tanks Blow Public Opinion: Prof Michael Hudson on the most influential US think tanks by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud Subscribe to the weekly Renegade Economists podcast Transcript Renegade Economists October 1, 2014: DOUBLETHINK TANKS, TAR SANDS, WATER & IMPERIALISM. Karl Fitzgerald: This week on the Renegade Economists we’re joined by Professor Michael Hudson, the author of The Bubble & Beyond, Super Imperialism, and a host of other books. You can read his work at www.Michael-Hudson.com. Certainly our favourite guest here on the Renegade Economists and Michael, today we’re going to have a look at the role of think tanks in sculpting the American mind and the public policy that flows from that. What’s your take on the role of think tanks in American economic history? Michael Hudson: Well, today they’ve become basically public ...

Trade Advantage Replaced by Rent Extraction

I was interviewed on the Renegade Economists radio/ podcast entitled Crony Competition on the road to Unearned Income: Prof Michael Hudson gives a wrap on the economics of 2013 as we discuss Detroit, Iceland, Madoff, Marx and Blackstone Capital. Why Comparative Advantage was replaced by Rent Extraction - with Prof Michael Hudson by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud Karl Fitzgerald: Our favourite guest, the man that Max Keiser from www.MaxKeiser.com described as the world’s greatest living economist, yes, Professor Michael Hudson is here to give us a wrap on 2013 and the economic forces that have surrounded us for centuries. How have you actually seen 2013? What’s played out for you in terms of the big trends? Michael Hudson: Oh, the same shrinkage that you’ve seen since 2008. We’re still in the backwash; the economy is ...