China the Change Agent – Patreon Q&A #3

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Each quarter, Patreon Plus supporters can ask Michael questions. Here is a transcript of the most recent one, just in time for our next Q&A this Thursday. Please support Michael's work via his Patreon page. Karl Fitzgerald: Alright, let’s get into it. We’ve got lots of good questions. Welcome, everyone. My name is Karl Fitzgerald. I’ve been Michael’s webmaster for over a decade now and yes, we’re so lucky to have Michael Hudson with us today. We’ve all read his books. We’ve all seen his whirlwind approach to unveiling the reality of economics so yes, Michael, great to have you here. I wanted to start off with just a nice easy one. I’m sure you could answer this in your sleep but for you, what are some of the guiding ...

Michael Hudson’s Patreon Q&A

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It's time for our quarterly Q&A with Michael! Please support Michael's important work via his Patreon page. Theme: NATO's provocative role in Eastern Europe. If you are a Patron Plus supporter on Patreon, you will be able to register. Anyone upgrading to Patron Plus at least 24 hours prior to the event is invited. **Register for the Q&A with the name and email on the Patreon account**

Oligopoly Unchecked

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Platypus interview on The Destiny of Civilization The destiny of civilization: An interview with Michael Hudson On July 15, 2022, Platypus Affiliated Society member D. L. Jacobs interviewed Michael Hudson to discuss his new book, The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism (2022). An edited transcript follows. D. L. Jacobs: Can tell us about your background regarding Marxism and how you came to political economy? Michael Hudson: Well, I grew up in a Marxist household. My father was a political prisoner, one of the Minneapolis 17. Carlos Hudson. See Michael Hudson, “Dad’s Many Proverbs” (June 17, 2017), available online at <>;. Minneapolis was the only city in the world that was a Trotskyist city, and my parents worked with Trotsky in Mexico. So, I grew up not having any intention of going into ...

EU Pressures – Al-akhbar Newspaper

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Questions from Al-akhbar Newspaper, Lebanon. Mohammad Itmaizeh 1 - In light of the conditions that Europe is experiencing, in terms of high energy prices and the repercussions on the industrial sector, like the closure of factories and the high cost of production. In your opinion do European countries have the capacity and resources to prevent industrial investments from "escaping"? Especially since the US plans in general to restore industry to its lands, thus, it may represent an opportunity to lure European industries to move to there and take advantage of cheap energy prices. This shift will have wide repercussions on Europe's productive capacities and competitiveness, as well as on its trade balance. So, what happens to the position of Europe in the global economic system? Will it remain part of the ...