An Hour with Michael

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Come spend an hour with Michael! Thurs March 2nd 5.30pm EST Register via zoom.  If you are a Patron Plus supporter on Patreon, you will be able to register. We have 247 Patreon supporters, can you get us to 250? The day before the Q&A you'll receive an email with the link to join. Anyone upgrading to Patron Plus at least 24 hours prior to the event is invited.  We've had some excellent conversations of recent, we hope you can join us.   

Trade Theory: No Room for Gunboats

By Permalink   RADHIKA DESAI: Hello everyone. Welcome to the fourth Geopolitical Economy Hour, our fortnightly show on the political and geopolitical economy of our times. I'm Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And I'm Michael Hudson. RADHIKA DESAI: Today we are continuing our discussion of de-dollarization. As many of you know we have structured our discussion around some ten questions, and last time we dealt with the first five. What is money? What is the relation between money and debt? Is money a commodity? What is the theory of how the dollar serves as  world money?  And then because this theory so much relies on the sterling system we discussed the sterling system. What is it? What was this real basis not gold but actually empire etcetera. And then we decided that in this show we will discuss the ...

Since Money is Political

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“Understanding money and the dollar system,” Geopolitical Hour Episode 3, February 9, 2023, with economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson. podcast: Radhika Hello and welcome to this third Geopolitical Economy Hour. I'm Radhika Desai. Michael And I'm Michael Hudson. Radhika As many of you know, in this collaboration with Ben Norton's Geopolitical Economy Report, Michael and I will present every fortnight a discussion of the major trends and developments that are so radically shaping our world. This includes issues that involve not just politics and economics, but, as Michael and I and Ben like to put it, political economy and geopolitical economy. Thanks also to all our viewers for your interest and engagement. We would like to say that we do read all the comments with great interest, so please keep them coming, including your suggestions for future shows. So, ...

The Hypocrisy Just Makes Me Cry

By Permalink Danny: Greetings everyone. have two very special guests today. is the first conversation of a series that we will be having on The Left Lens leading into the one year anniversary of the official beginning — or at least what the mainstream may say is the beginning — of the Ukraine proxy war — really the beginning of Russia's special military operation — but we're gonna have great conversations here. And our first two guests are two premier economists. They are Radhika Desai, who is a friend of the show and former guest, as well as Michael Hudson, also a friend of the show and prior guest. They also are doing a podcast together on Geopolitical Economy Report bi-weekly (every two weeks). You can catch their books in the links in the description ...