Michael Hudson’s “TED TALK” on Economics

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This is the Michael Hudson "TED TALK” on economics. It covers everything you need to know about our failed global economic system and what to do about it, as featured in his book, J IS FOR JUNK ECONOMICS – A GUIDE TO REALITY IN AN AGE OF DECEPTION. Transcript (edited) Ross: The common refrain that you hear is that economics has failed. Blame that on the current economic paradigm: neoliberalism. In its own terms, it hasn't failed. It's worked perfectly according to the trajectory on which it aims: to steer society on behalf of the One Percent. Michael: Academic economics has been turned into a cover story to defend a status quo steered by the wealthiest One Percent, mainly by the banking and financial sector instead of by governments and their regulatory or ...

Jargon, Junk Reviewed

A Book Review by Peter Koenig via the Saker website The author, Michael Hudson, is President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Michael’s book, Junk Economics, reads like an economic thriller. It also provides all the answers to: “What I always wanted to know about Economics, but was afraid to ask”. It is a fascinating read, written for ‘experts’ as well as for economic novices. It is a factual account of what so called ‘Propaganda Experts’ want you to believe about economics, and it dismantles the myths. It explains ‘jargons’ that are on purpose coined, so that the average reader has no clue of their real meaning, but they create ...

Paul Craig Roberts on Junk Economics

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My friend and colleague kindly reviews J is for Junk Economics. As he says... The World’s Best Economist Paul Craig Roberts If you want to learn real economics instead of neoliberal junk economics, read Michael Hudson’s books. What you will learn is that neoliberal economics is an apology for the rentier class and the large banks that have succeeded in financializing the economy, shifting consumer spending power from the purchase of goods and services that drive the real economy to the payment of interest and fees to banks. His latest book is J is for Junk Economics. It is written in the form of a dictionary, but the definitions give you the precise meaning of economic terms, the history of economic concepts, and describe the transformation of economics from classical economics, where the emphasis was ...

Euphemise to Conceal

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“J is for Junk Economics”: Michael Hudson on TRNN (1/5), February 27, 2017 Michael Hudson, author of the newly released J is for Junk Economics, says the media and academia use well-crafted euphemisms to conceal how the economy really works SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. J is for Junk Economics: A Guide to Reality in the Age of Greed and Deception by Michael Hudson, that's the topic of our discussion today. Michael is joining us in our studio in Baltimore. Thanks for joining us, Michael. MICHAEL HUDSON: It’s really good to be back down here. SHARMINI PERIES: Michael Hudson is a distinguished research professor of economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He's the author of many books including, "The Bubble and Beyond" and ...

Book Launch Washington, Baltimore

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J is for Junk Economics is launching in the following cities, where I will be discussing how mainstream economic vocabulary has been contorted to obscure the manner in which financial giants extract wealth from rest of the economy. This A-Z user's guide will serve as critical reading for those seeking to understand the broader economic system during this new "post-fact" era. Feb 21, 7 - 9pm: Busboys and Poets, Cullen Room, Washington DC Feb 22, 12.30 - 2pm: The Democracy Collective, Washington DC Feb 22, 7.30 - 9.30pm: Red Emma's, Baltimore    

J is For Junk Economics – Order Now

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Professor Hudson's companion and follow-up to KILLING THE HOST: HOW FINANCIAL PARASITES AND DEBT DESTROY THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. The new book, J IS FOR JUNK ECONOMICS is now listed on Amazon for pre-order. Special pre-publication offer: Only $24.95 (for US dollar orders) until March 1, 2017. An essential building block for society's economic literacy, the book is an A-to-Z guide to the vocabulary in use in today's tunnel-visioned, overly-mathemetized economic lexicon. It includes terms and concepts abandoned - many on purpose - from the long history of political economy. The book builds on The Economic Insider’s Dictionary listings that were so popular on this site. It explains how the world economy really works with cunning historical insight on the doublespeak we endure. Several additional essays provide key insights to today's devolving social ...